Privacy Policy

The purpose of this app is to help you:

  1. discover the spiritual needs of your community
  2. involve others in meeting those needs
  3. find potential people of peace
  4. start Discovery Bible Studies where people can discover for themselves what God is like and how He wants them to live
  5. equip people to lead these studies
  6. coach leaders to be more effective in starting and leading new groups

In order to accomplish this purpose we want you to know:

  1. Any information you type in the app is stored on on our secure server in Australia
  2. Only YOU can see the information entered under FRIENDS
  3. Only YOUR TEAM (group members) can see the information entered under NEEDS
  4. YOUR TEAM (group members) can contact you by phone, text message, skype or email if you provide that information under MY INFO
  5. Your GROUP LEADER can see any information you enter under MY INFO
  6. YOU can see information about all the GROUPS you and the people you are coaching have started
  7. WE(Campus Crusade for Christ Australia) may need to look at ANYTHING you have entered to:
    • see how people are using the system so we can create a better app
    • report on the number of Discovery Bible study groups started and their approximate location
  8. WE will not provide any data you enter to any other organization, unless required by law
  9. YOU can also access all of your information using a browswer by going to

YOUR safety is our first priority

  1. If you live in a country where security is a concern, the best policy is to LIMIT THE DATA YOU ENTER. Someday, someone may hack our system and they can not get what is not there
  2. Your STRATEGY COORDINATOR can also limit YOUR ability to type in address information. If you do not find a field for street address, there is a good reason for this
  3. STRATEGY COORDINATORS can choose to limit public reporting on the details of their groups. If you are concerned about what information is being reported, talk with your STRATEGY COORDINATOR

If you have any questions about this policy, please email