Bi-lingual Conversations

English Conversations
1. God Creates People
2. God holds People responsible
3. God's Covenant with Abraham
4. God hears the Defenseless
5. God Responds
6. God Defends his people
7. The Commands of God
8. People take Responsibility
9. The Promise of a New Day
10. God's Covenant with People
11. Jesus announces His purpose
12. Jesus and the Religious Leader
13. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
14. Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
15. Jesus and the Paralyzed Man
16. The Great Commandment
17. Jesus Talks about His Betrayal
18. Jesus is Arrested
19. Jesus is Crucified
20. Jesus is Resurrected
21. Jesus Ascends to Heaven
22. People respond to the Message
23. New community as Jesus-followers

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